Concord Management Services



CMS’ Environmental Controls Division focuses on helping energy producers maximize plant performance and compliance through independent, innovative, experience-based engineering of CO and SCR catalyst  and systems for natural gas and coal-fired utilities, as well as a smaller-scale reciprocating engine generator plants.



Emission Control System Optimization Services

Serving power producers both domestically and internationally, CMS’ Environmental Division offers an array of design, testing, supply and installation services including….  


                 Combined Cycle/Simple Cycle SCR Design & Optimization

                     Coal-Fired Boiler SCR Optimization

                     AIG Tuning

                     SCR System Inspections

                     CO and SCR Catalyst Management and Testing

                     Gas Flow Modeling (CFD and Physical)

                     SCR Maintenance/Catalyst Replacements

                     Ammonia System Design, Troubleshooting and Upgrades

                     Aqueous, Anhydrous, Urea Systems

                     Performance Testing

                     System Commissioning

                     Specification Development

                     Complete Turnkey Services


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